Linear and Rotary Solenoids

Each type of electromagnet includes a wide range of models with different functions and several TRACTION and THRUST forces. They are fed by a direct current of 12 or 24 V. but special voltages can be produced upon request.
Each type can be fitted with various anchoring systems:

  • Fork Screw stay
  • Ball joint for out-of-axis working
  • Thrust spring for mechanical operations

All models conform to CE International Standards. Installation kits especially designed for different applications are available upon request.

I Series
This electromagnet is especially designed for intermittent duty. Its wide range makes it suitable for very high-powered traction and thrust.

C Series - Internal Switch
This model has been designed and built for various traction and thrust applications, thrust in particular, thanks to the special pin at the outlet whose size prevents it from bending or undergoing friction.

CI Series - External Switch
This model can be energized by an engine start key or by a three-way switch.
When this electromagnet is used for engine stop, the cut-out of the pull circuit occurs as soon as starting is completed.
When this electromagnet is used for other purposes, the pull circuit is cut-out by an operator, who moves the switch from pos. 3 to pos. 2.

CS Series

This electromagnet is especially designed for all applications, which require continuous duty, 100% reliability and complete plunger, stroke freedom.
This model consists of a single magnetic circuit, correctly proportioned for extended duty even at high temperatures.
The technical construction and functional features of this type are guaranteed by its reliability and long life.
In addition, unlike all other types, the plunger does not have to carry out a full stroke; it can slide and stop in any position without causing damage.
The plunger slides on two self-lubricated bushes.
Our electromagnets have different power supplies in AC or DC ranging from 12 V to 220

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