Engine Dressing Service

GX160 Auto Choke

As part of our service to clients, we offer an engine dressing service, which extends from fitting auto-choke devices on Honda engines, fuel stop valves on Yanmar L Series, to providing multi-cylinder diesel engines fitted with overcentre clutch, gearbox, or hydraulic pump and adaptor kit.

Hatz Clutch and Adaptor Kit

All engine and automobile work require a mechanic's physical presence. No maintenance check, adjustment and general assessment can be done without the mechanic actually getting his hands dirty. Although it can be argued that a good mechanic, like those experts who operate car hire Ireland spots, knows how to diagnose car troubles just by listening to the owner's description of it, how many of us can actually accurately describe our engine woes?

All these make it very tough to find the proper technical service online. The World Wide Web isn't really an ideal place for services like this, unless you're very sure that the domain you're consulting knows what it's doing. Here in PTOC, our staff are fully trained to do business online and as such are guaranteed to give you the engine service you require. All one has to do is drop us a message giving us a rough picture of what you seek and what you need. Our people will sift through the message, determine just exactly what you're looking for, and get back to you asap. The same practice applies on our Engine Dressing Service.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Hydraulic Pump Adaptor

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