Engine Heaters

Coolant and Lubricant Heaters are primarily intended for use in emergency fire pumps and standby generating sets where they will maintain engines at near operating temperature to facilitate full-load operation on start up.

Engine Lubricant Contact Heaters

Engine Contact heaters

The contact heaters are especially designed to guarantee preheating and maintainance of engine oil temperature in  industrial engines.

These devices are fitted with integral thermostat, which is readily adjusted. These heaters are compact and easily applied since they only require contact with the underside of the engine oil sump using a simple mounting kit. The heaters are manufactured in materials that can withstand high temperatures and vibration.

Coolant Heaters for Closed Circuits

engine coolant heater

These thermostatically controlled heaters are especially designed to guarantee preheating and to maintain  the engine coolant in industrial engines at or near an operating temperature, in readiness for instantaneous start and full load operation.

To use the normal convection circulation system to its fullest potential, the heater must be mounted in the lowest point on the engine.
The heaters are manufactured in thick steel to withstand vibration and avoid corrosion. They come with IP 67 protection.

coolant heater mounting

Two 240 VOLT models are available; one of 1200W and the larger of 3000w. They are designed for continuous duty and offer a thermostat range of  20 to 80 deg.C

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